Logo / Product photo usage disclaimer
  • Except as Tenneco may authorize elsewhere, non-Tenneco sites may only display the provided Tenneco logos and photos. By downloading, displaying or otherwise using any logo or product photo, you agree to be bound by these policies.
  • Any brand logo must have an active link to the representative brand site. Additionally, to the extent that any logo includes a qualifier or disclaimer, you must include such qualifier or disclaimer whenever using the related logo.
  • You may not alter the logo or product photo in any manner, including proportions, colors or elements. Further, all logos must be clearly visible and posted in the highest available resolution.
  • Logos and product photos may be displayed only on pages that have accurate references to the brand, or its products and services. You cannot display any logo in a manner that implies sponsorship or endorsement.
  • Tenneco grants authorized retailers of its products a limited, non-exclusive, revocable license to use the Tenneco brand logos and photos solely for the purpose of promoting the sale of Tenneco products. Tenneco may revoke this license at any time by sending notice to you, at which time you must immediately cease using all Tenneco's logos and photos.
  • A disclosure acknowledging that the Tenneco trademarks are owned by Tenneco must be placed at the bottom of each web page on which the logo appears. An example of an acceptable disclosure is: "Monroe and the Monroe logo are registered trademarks of Tenneco Inc."
  • This policy may be modified from time to time at Tenneco's sole discretion.