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MONROE® COMMERCIAL VEHICLE: Consider the Cost of Worn Shocks
The cost of a new set of shocks is roughly the same as the cost of just one steer tire, damaged as a result of degraded shocks. Worn shock absorbers are not only uncomfortable, they can also impact safety, lead to truck downtime and increase operational expense.

MONROE® COMMERCIAL VEHICLE: Regular Scheduled Maintenance: Improving Your Fleet's Bottom Line
MONROE® COMMERCIAL VEHICLE: Consider the Cost of Worn Shocks
Today, more emphasis is being placed on lowering maintenance costs to improve the bottom line. Operating on shorter margins can mean there's no allowance for early component failure and unnecessary freight claims or less miles covered due to driver fatigue. Shock absorbers can be a low-cost answer to these high-cost problems. Worn shocks are easy to overlook- they're quiet, with no warning lights to see or screeching parts to hear. Shocks wear out from miles of driving in a variety of conditions. Under normal conditions shocks stroke an average of 1,750 times, every mile driven. That's 21 million times every 12,000 miles. So, if shocks are not checked on a regular maintenance schedule, those worn shocks may start to eat into profits.

For instance, tires are the major purchase item for any fleet owner or owner-operator. Good shocks help control excessive vibration by keeping the tire in firm contact with the road. This can reduce tire cupping, one of the causes of premature tire failure. So, properly maintained shock absorbers can help maximize tire life. It's the same with many other components: from batteries and running lights, to reefer units and radiators. Even body parts like cabs, hoods, and fenders. Good shocks can help control excessive vibration, and that means less component failure and reduced maintenance costs.

Don't forget payloads. A well maintained truck, with good shocks to control excessive vibration, can help reduce damage to both trailers and cargoes. That's important to the bottom line since even a few damage claims can mean the difference between profit and loss. Keeping the vehicle rolling to eliminate downtime- and all the lost business and lost income that go with it - is the goal of a regularly scheduled maintenance program.

MONROE® COMMERCIAL VEHICLE: Consider the Cost of Worn Shocks
  • Improve truck safety
  • Reduce tire wear
  • Reduce battery cracking
  • Broken cab mounts
  • Reduce damage to radiator connections
  • Broken lamps
  • Enhance braking effectiveness
  • Extend driveline components life
  • Reduce shifting cargo drive
  • Lessen driver fatigue
  • Enhance driver comfort